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The physical appearance lesson

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Learn danish : the physical appearance lesson

List of sentences about the Learn physical appearance

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence.

Below is a list of 30 physical appearance related phrases. If you could memorize it, would you like to start speaking danish from the very first lesson? you will! Our hands-on lessons guide you through real danish conversations. You will finally understand every danish word you hear. Learn lessons for free Want to focus on reading, writing, grammar or culture? You get lessons based on your goals and needs.

These sentences cover various aspects of animals and their characteristics in Danish.

  learn danish physical appearance in sentences

physical appearance in danish 
Danish SentenceEnglish Translation
1. Hun har langt blondt hår.She has long blonde hair.
2. Hans øjne er blå og klare.His eyes are blue and clear.
3. Hun har smukke grønne øjne.She has beautiful green eyes.
4. Hans ansigt er rundt og blødt.His face is round and soft.
5. Hun har en høj og slank figur.She has a tall and slender figure.
6. Hendes kinder er røde og runde.Her cheeks are rosy and round.
7. Han har en stor og bred næse.He has a big and wide nose.
8. Hendes mund er bred og smilende.Her mouth is wide and smiling.
9. Han har mørke øjenbryn og lange øjenvipper.He has dark eyebrows and long eyelashes.
10. Hendes hud udstråler sundhed og skønhed.Her skin radiates health and beauty.
11. Hun har tykt og krøllet hår.She has thick and curly hair.
12. Hans hage er stærk og markeret.His chin is strong and defined.
13. Hun har et stort og bredt smil.She has a big and wide smile.
14. Hendes hals er lang og slank.Her neck is long and slender.
15. Han har smukke og lige tænder.He has beautiful and straight teeth.
16. Hendes øjne er dybbrune og gennemtrængende.Her eyes are deep brown and piercing.
17. Han har smalle skuldre og slanke hænder.He has narrow shoulders and slender hands.
18. Hendes ører er små og runde.Her ears are small and round.
19. Han har en atletisk og kraftfuld krop.He has an athletic and powerful physique.
20. Hendes næse er lige og raffineret.Her nose is straight and refined.
21. Hun har kort og tyndt hår.She has short and thin hair.
22. Hans øjne er grå og nysgerrige.His eyes are gray and curious.
23. Han har en bred og stærk kæbe.He has a wide and strong jawline.
24. Hans arme er muskuløse og stærke.His arms are muscular and strong.
25. Hun har glat og ensartet hud.She has smooth and even skin.
26. Hendes hår er rødt og krøllet.Her hair is red and curly.
27. Han har en smal næse og skarpe kindben.He has a narrow nose and sharp cheekbones.
28. Hendes øjne er store og udtryksfulde.Her eyes are large and expressive.
29. Hun har en slank og raffineret figur.She has a slender and refined figure.
30. Hans ansigt er symmetrisk og smukt.His face is symmetrical and beautiful.

I hope these sentences help you learn vocabulary related to physical appearance in Danish!

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