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Learn norwegian : grammar Indirekte tale (Indirect speech) lesson

List of sentences about Indirekte tale (Indirect speech)

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence..

Below is a list of 30 Indirekte tale (Indirect speech) related phrases. If you could memorize it, would you like to start speaking norwegian from the very first lesson? you will! Our hands-on lessons guide you through real norwegian conversations. You will finally understand every norwegian word you hear. Learn lessons for free Want to focus on reading, writing, grammar or culture? You get lessons based on your goals and needs.

 learn norwegian Important grammar  in sentences
Norwegian SentenceEnglish Translation
Han sa at han skulle gå til butikken.He said that he would go to the store.
Hun fortalte meg at hun skulle reise til Frankrike.She told me that she would go to France.
Læreren forklarte at timen skulle begynne klokka 10.The teacher explained that the lesson would start at 10.
Han spurte om vi kunne utsette møtet.He asked if we could postpone the meeting.
Hun fortalte ham at hun planla å flytte.She told him that she was planning to move.
Guiden sa at turen skulle starte i morgen.The guide said that the tour would start tomorrow.
Han spurte meg om jeg kunne hjelpe ham med leksene.He asked me if I could help him with his homework.
Hun forklarte at hun hadde mistet nøklene sine.She explained that she had lost her keys.
Han fortalte oss at han hadde fått jobben.He told us that he had gotten the job.
Hun spurte om vi kunne møte henne på restauranten.She asked if we could meet her at the restaurant.
Sjefen forklarte at bedriften var i vekst.The manager explained that the company was growing.
Han fortalte meg at han allerede hadde lest boken.He told me that he had already read the book.
Hun spurte om vi kunne hjelpe henne med flyttingen.She asked if we could help her with the move.
Læreren informerte klassen om at det skulle være en prøve neste uke.The teacher informed the class that there would be a test next week.
Han forklarte at han hadde mistet flyet sitt.He explained that he had missed his flight.
Hun sa at hun skulle besøke foreldrene sine i helgen.She said that she would visit her parents during the weekend.
Han fortalte meg at han skulle på kino i kveld.He told me that he would go to the movies tonight.
Guiden forklarte at turen ville vare i cirka to timer.The guide explained that the tour would last about two hours.
Hun spurte om vi kunne være med henne på konserten.She asked if we could accompany her to the concert.
Han sa at han hadde gjort leksene sine.He said that he had done his homework.
Hun fortalte meg at hun hadde mistet telefonen sin.She told me that she had lost her phone.
Læreren sa at prøven ville være neste uke.The teacher said that the test would be next week.
Han forklarte at han ikke hadde tid til å hjelpe.He explained that he didn't have time to help.
Hun fortalte meg at hun hadde fått seg ny jobb.She told me that she had found a new job.
Sjefen forklarte at prosjektet hadde blitt forsinket.The manager explained that the project was delayed.
Han spurte om vi kunne møte ham på stasjonen.He asked if we could meet him at the station.
Hun sa at hun hadde lånt bøkene sine til en venn.She said that she had lent her books to a friend.
Han fortalte oss at han hadde sjekket e-posten sin.He told us that he had checked his email.
Guiden forklarte at museet var stengt på mandager.The guide explained that the museum was closed on Mondays.
Hun spurte om vi kunne hjelpe henne med presentasjonen hennes.She asked if we could help her with her presentation.
Han sa at han hadde glemt nøklene sine.He said that he had forgotten his keys.

I hope these examples help you understand indirect speech in Norwegian sentences!

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