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Learn swedish : Halloween lesson

List of sentences about the Learn Halloween

there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence.

Below is a list of 30 Halloween related phrases. If you could memorize it, would you like to start speaking swedish from the very first lesson? you will! Our hands-on lessons guide you through real swedish conversations. You will finally understand every swedish word you hear. Learn lessons for free Want to focus on reading, writing, grammar or culture? You get lessons based on your goals and needs.

 learn swedish  Important Verbs in sentences

These sentences cover a range of common verbs used in everyday conversation in Swedish.

Halloween in swedish 
Swedish Verb Sentence in Swedish English Translation
Klä ut sig (to dress up) Barn klär ut sig i läskiga kostymer Children dress up in scary costumes
Dekorera (to decorate) Huset dekoreras med pumpor The house is decorated with pumpkins
Fira (to celebrate) Familjer firar Halloween tillsammans Families celebrate Halloween together
Leka (to play) Barn leker trick-or-treat Kids play trick-or-treating
Föreställa sig (to imagine) Barn föreställer sig att vara spöken Children imagine being ghosts
Skrämma (to spook) De skrämde varandra i sina kostymer They spooked each other in their costumes
Spela in (to record) Föräldrar spelar in sina barns skratt Parents record their children's laughter
Förbereda (to prepare) Godis förbereds inför festen Candy is prepared before the party
Äta (to eat) Barnen äter massor av godis Kids eat a lot of candy
Välja (to choose) Vi väljer de bästa pumporna för att skära ut We choose the best pumpkins for carving
Skapa (to craft) Vi skapar Halloween-dekorationer We craft Halloween decorations
Skrämma (to frighten) De skrämde varandra med skräckfilmer They frightened each other with horror movies
Delta (to participate) Grannskapet deltar i trädgårdsdekorationer Neighbors participate in yard decorations
Organisera (to organize) Skolans föräldraförening organiserar ett Halloween-evenemang The school's PTA organizes a Halloween event
Röra sig (to move) Folk rör sig från hus till hus för godis People move from house to house for candy
Ge komplimanger (to compliment) Folk ger komplimanger för varandras kostymer People give compliments on each other's costumes
Njuta av (to enjoy) Alla njuter av festen Everyone enjoys the party
Skrämma (to scare) Vi försöker skrämma varandra med spökhistorier We try to scare each other with ghost stories
Lysa upp (to light up) Gatorna lyser upp med lyktor The streets are lit up with lanterns
Komma på (to come up with) Barnen kommer på godisrim Kids come up with candy rhymes
Gå runt (to go around) Barnen går runt i grannskapet för att samla godis Children go around the neighborhood collecting candy
Beundra (to admire) Folk beundrar grannarnas dekorationer People admire their neighbors' decorations
Planera (to plan) Vi planerar våra kostymer i god tid We plan our costumes well in advance
Smaka (to taste) Låt oss smaka på olika godis Let's taste different candies
Vara värd (to host) Våra vänner är värdar för en Halloweenfest Our friends are hosting a Halloween party
Hitta (to find) Barnen försöker hitta det godaste godiset Kids try to find the sweetest candies
Njuta av (to savor) Barnen njuter av sitt godisbyte Children savor their candy loot
Le (to smile) Alla ler i sina masker Everyone smiles in their masks
Fest (to revel) De unga festar hela natten The young revel all night
Välkomna (to welcome) Grannar välkomnar varandra till festen Neighbors welcome each other to the party

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