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Learn norwegian :the Soccer Stadium lesson

List of sentences about the Learn 

the Soccer Stadium     

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence..

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 learn norwegian Important Verbs  in sentences

These sentences cover a range of common verbs used in everyday conversation in Norwegian.

 the Soccer Stadium in norwegian 
Norwegian Verb Sentence in Norwegian English Translation
Spille (to play) Vi spiller fotball på stadion We play soccer at the stadium
Heie (to cheer) Vi heier på laget for seier We cheer for the team to victory
Vinne (to win) Vi håper at laget vinner We hope the team wins
Tape (to lose) Vi vil ikke at laget skal tape We don't want the team to lose
Score (to score) Angriperen prøver å score målet The forward is trying to score the goal
Forsvare (to defend) Forsvaret blokkerer motstanderens forsøk The defense blocks the opponent's attempts
Passe (to pass) Han passerer ballen til midtbanen He passes the ball to the midfield
Skyte (to shoot) Spilleren skyter frispark The player takes a free-kick
Trene (to practice) Laget trener hardt The team practices hard
Trene (to coach) Treneren veileder spillerne The coach guides the players
Konkurrere (to compete) Lagene konkurrerer om mesterskapet The teams compete for the championship
Løpe (to run) Spilleren løper på banen The player runs on the field
Kaste (to throw) Målvakten kaster ballen på banen The goalkeeper throws the ball onto the field
Velge (to select) Treneren velger startoppstillingen The coach selects the starting lineup
Dømme (to referee) Dommeren dømmer forseelser The referee calls fouls
Utføre (to perform) Laget utfører et hjørnespark The team performs a corner kick
Delta (to participate) Supportere deltar i heiarop Fans participate in cheering
Blokkere (to block) Forsvarsspilleren blokkerer motstanderen The defender blocks the opponent
Redde (to save) Målvakten redder en vanskelig situasjon The goalkeeper saves a difficult situation
Sikre (to secure) Laget prøver å sikre seieren The team tries to secure the victory
Reagere (to react) Spillerne reagerer raskt The players react quickly
Kjempe (to fight) Laget kjemper for seieren The team fights for victory
Støtte (to support) Supportere støtter laget Fans support the team
Motta (to receive) Spilleren mottar en pasning The player receives a pass
Feire (to celebrate) Målskåreren feirer et vellykket mål The goal scorer celebrates a successful goal
Kontrollere (to control) Laget prøver å kontrollere spillet The team tries to control the game
Konkurrere (to compete) Spillerne konkurrerer om ballbesittelse Players compete for ball possession
Strebe (to strive) Laget streber etter mesterskapet The team strives for the championship
Puste inn (to inhale) Supportere puster inn atmosfæren Fans inhale the atmosphere
Følge (to follow) Som supportere følger vi fotball As fans, we follow soccer

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