Learn norwegian: cafeteria and coffee lesson with sentences in table

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 cafeteria and coffee lesson

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Learn norwegian : cafeteria and coffee lesson

List of sentences about the Learn 

cafeteria and coffee   

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence.

Below is a list of 30 The cafeteria and coffee

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 learn norwegian Important Verbs  in sentences

These sentences cover a range of common verbs used in cafeteria and coffee
in Norwegian.
cafeteria and coffee  in norwegian 

Norwegian Verb Sentence in Norwegian English Translation
bestille (to order) Jeg bestilte en cappuccino I ordered a cappuccino
drikke (to drink) Jeg drikker morgenkaffe hver dag I drink morning coffee every day
servere (to serve) De serverer deilige kaker They serve delicious cakes
sitte (to sit) Jeg sitter alltid ved vinduet I always sit by the window
nyte (to enjoy) Jeg nyter solen på terrassen I enjoy the sun on the terrace
blande (to mix) Hun blander sukkeret i kaffen sin She mixes sugar into her coffee
hente (to get/fetch) Jeg skal hente mer melk I'm going to get more milk
velge (to choose) Jeg kan velge kaffe med eller uten fløte I can choose coffee with or without cream
sitte (to sit) Vi satt lenge på kafeen og pratet We sat in the café for a long time chatting
lese (to read) Hun leser avisen ved kaffekoppen sin She reads the newspaper by her coffee cup
våkne (to wake up) Jeg våkner alltid til duften av kaffe I always wake up to the smell of coffee
tilby (to offer) Kan jeg tilby deg mer kaffe? Can I offer you more coffee?
tilberede (to prepare) Baristaen tilbereder den perfekte cappuccinoen The barista prepares the perfect cappuccino
sosialisere (to socialize) Kafeen er et sted å sosialisere med venner The café is a place to socialize with friends
smake (to taste) Jeg vil gjerne smake denne spesialkaffen I want to taste this specialty coffee
slurpe (to slurp) Jeg slurper kaffen sakte I slurp my coffee slowly
dele (to share) Vi kan dele kanelbollen We can share the cinnamon bun
prøve (to try) Jeg vil gjerne prøve en ny kafeoppskrift I want to try a new café recipe
kjøpe (to buy) Jeg kjøpte en fersk croissant I bought a fresh croissant
smaksette (to flavor) Du kan smaksette kaffen selv You can flavor your coffee yourself
plante (to plant) De planter egne kaffebønner They plant their own coffee beans
følge (to follow) Jeg følger kafeens sosiale medier I follow the café's social media
brygge (to brew) Kafeen brygger morgenkaffen langsomt The café brews its morning coffee slowly
helle (to pour) Hun heller melk over kaffen She pours milk over the coffee
velge (to select) Du kan velge mellom ulike typer kaffe You can select from various types of coffee
skjære (to cut) Jeg skjærer kaken i to I cut the cake in half
lage (to make) Jeg lager alltid min egen espresso I always make my own espresso
nyte (to savor) Jeg nyter kaffen og stillheten I savor the coffee and the quiet
friste (to entice) Duften av ferskt brød frister kundene The scent of fresh bread entices customers
slappe av (to relax) Kafeen er et sted å slappe av The café is a place to relax

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