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Learn danish : pharmacy lesson

List of sentences about the pharmacy

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence.

Below is a list of 30 pharmacy related phrases. If you could memorize it, would you like to start speaking danish from the very first lesson? you will! Our hands-on lessons guide you through real danish conversations. You will finally understand every danish word you hear. Learn lessons for free Want to focus on reading, writing, grammar or culture? You get lessons based on your goals and needs.

These sentences cover a range of common  used in pharmacy n Danish.

 pharmacy in danish 
Danish Verb Sentence in Danish English Translation
købe (to buy) Jeg skal købe nogle vitaminer I need to buy some vitamins
hjælpe (to help) Apotekeren hjalp mig med at finde medicinen The pharmacist helped me find the medicine
anbefale (to recommend) Apotekeren anbefalede denne hostemedicin The pharmacist recommended this cough medicine
rådgive (to advise) Apotekeren rådgav mig om allergimedicin The pharmacist advised me on allergy medication
spørge (to ask) Jeg skal spørge om en recept I need to ask for a prescription
bestille (to order) Apoteket kan bestille medicin til mig The pharmacy can order medicine for me
afhente (to pick up) Jeg skal afhente min medicin senere I need to pick up my medicine later
måle (to measure) Apotekeren målte mit blodtryk The pharmacist measured my blood pressure
veje (to weigh) Medicinen skal vejes præcist The medicine needs to be weighed accurately
informere (to inform) Apotekeren informerede mig om bivirkninger The pharmacist informed me about side effects
vælge (to choose) Jeg skal vælge mellem mærkerne I need to choose between the brands
pakke (to package) Apoteket pakkede medicinen i en boks The pharmacy packaged the medicine in a box
opbevare (to store) Du skal opbevare medicinen køligt You should store the medicine in a cool place
læse (to read) Jeg skal læse indlægssedlen omhyggeligt I need to read the leaflet carefully
kontrollere (to check) Apotekeren kontrollerede doseringen The pharmacist checked the dosage
aflevere (to hand over) Jeg skal aflevere min recept I need to hand over my prescription
forklare (to explain) Apotekeren forklarede doseringen The pharmacist explained the dosage
teste (to test) Apoteket kan teste dit blodsukker The pharmacy can test your blood sugar
dosere (to dose) Jeg skal dosere medicinen korrekt I need to dose the medicine correctly
indtage (to take) Jeg skal indtage to tabletter om dagen I need to take two tablets a day
forny (to renew) Jeg skal forny min recept I need to renew my prescription
undersøge (to examine) Apotekeren undersøgte såret grundigt The pharmacist examined the wound thoroughly
tage (to administer) Jeg skal tage hostemedicinen til min søn I need to administer the cough medicine to my son
smøre (to apply) Jeg skal smøre salve på såret I need to apply ointment to the wound
modtage (to receive) Apoteket modtager levering af medicin hver dag The pharmacy receives medicine deliveries every day
udskrive (to prescribe) Lægen udskrev en recept til mig The doctor prescribed a medication for me
pakke (to wrap) Apoteket pakkede medicinen forsvarligt The pharmacy wrapped the medicine securely
blande (to mix) Apotekeren blandede hostesaft til mig The pharmacist mixed cough syrup for me
skrive (to write) Jeg skal skrive under på recepten I need to sign the prescription
informere (to notify) Apoteket informerer mig om medicinpriser The pharmacy notifies me about medication prices

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