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Learn finnish : Singular and Plural lesson 

List of sentences about the Singular and Plural

There will be examples where these terms are used in a sentence...Here is a list of 25 Singular and Plural related phrases. If you can memorize it, you will be able to talk comfortably at Singular and Plural without a problem.

These sentences demonstrate the singular and plural forms of various nouns and adjectives in Finnish.

Singular and Plural in Finnish  

English Finnish
The cat is small.Kissa on pieni
The cats are smallKissat ovat pieniä
The dog is friendlyKoira on ystävällinen.
The dogs are friendlyKoirat ovat ystävällisiä.
The book is interestingKirja on mielenkiintoinen.
The books are interestingKirjat ovat mielenkiintoisia.
The flower is beautifulKukka on kaunis
The flowers are beautifulKukat ovat kauniita.
The car is fast. Auto on nopea
The cars are fast.Autot ovat nopeita
The house is big. Talo on iso
The houses are bigTalot ovat isoja
The child is happyLapsi on iloinen.
The children are happyLapset ovat iloisia.
The apple is red.Omena on punainen
The apples are red.Omenat ovat punaisia.
The tree is tallPuu on korkea
The trees are tallPuut ovat korkeita
The friend is helpfulYstävä on avulias
The friends are helpful.Ystävät ovat avuliaita.
The computer is newTietokone on uusi
The computers are newTietokoneet ovat uusia.
The beach is sunnyRanta on aurinkoinen
The beaches are sunny.Rannat ovat aurinkoisia.

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