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The transportation lesson

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Learn norwegian : the transportation lesson

List of sentences about transportation 

List of sentences about the Learn transportation 

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence..

Below is a list of 25 transportation related phrases. If you could memorize it, would you like to start speaking norwegian from the very first lesson? you will! Our hands-on lessons guide you through real norwegian conversations. You will finally understand every norwegian word you hear. Learn lessons for free Want to focus on reading, writing, grammar or culture? You get lessons based on your goals and needs.

  learn norwegian transportation in sentences

Transportation  in norwegian 
English Norwegian
Where is the nearest bus stop? Hvor er nærmeste bussholdeplass?
How much is a ticket to the city center? Hvor mye koster en billett til sentrum?
Is this the right train platform? Er dette riktig togplattform?
Can you tell me the schedule for the next bus? Kan du si meg tidspunktet for neste buss?
Is there a subway station nearby? Er det en t-banestasjon i nærheten?
How far is the airport from here? Hvor langt er det til flyplassen herfra?
When does the next train to Oslo leave? Når går neste tog til Oslo?
Does this bus go to the central station? Går denne bussen til sentralstasjonen?
Excuse me, is this seat taken? Unnskyld meg, er denne plassen opptatt?
What time does the last metro depart? Når går siste t-bane?
Is there a taxi stand nearby? Er det en taxi holdeplass i nærheten?
How long is the ferry ride to the island? Hvor lang tid tar fergeturen til øya?
Can you help me with my luggage? Kan du hjelpe meg med bagasjen min?
Which bus goes to the museum? Hvilken buss går til museet?
Is it possible to rent a bicycle here? Er det mulig å leie sykkel her?
How often does the tram run on weekends? Hvor ofte går trikken i helgene?
How do I get to the stadium from here? Hvordan kommer jeg til stadion herfra?
Is the train station within walking distance? Er togstasjonen innen gangavstand?
Can you recommend a reliable car rental service? Kan du anbefale en pålitelig bilutleie?
Is there a shuttle service to the hotel? Finnes det en transporttjeneste til hotellet?
What's the speed limit on this road? Hva er fartsgrensen på denne veien?
How much is a one-way ticket? Hvor mye koster en enveisbillett?
Which exit should I take for the city center? Hvilket avkjørsel skal jeg ta til sentrum?
Is there a parking lot near the train station? Er det en parkeringsplass i nærheten av togstasjonen?
Can you recommend a good navigation app? Kan du anbefale en god navigasjonsapp?

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