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The barber shop lesson

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Learn norwegian : the barber shop lesson

List of sentences about barber shop 

List of sentences about the Learn barber shop 

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence..

Below is a list of 25 Barber shop related phrases. If you could memorize it, would you like to start speaking norwegian from the very first lesson? you will! Our hands-on lessons guide you through real norwegian conversations. You will finally understand every norwegian word you hear. Learn lessons for free Want to focus on reading, writing, grammar or culture? You get lessons based on your goals and needs.

  learn norwegian barber shop in sentences

Barber shop in norwegian 
English Norwegian
I'd like a haircut Jeg vil gjerne ha en hårklipp
How much is a haircut? Hvor mye koster en hårklipp?
Do you have any available appointments today? Har dere ledige timer i dag?
I want to book an appointment Jeg vil bestille en time
How long is the wait? Hvor lang er ventetiden?
What time can I come in? Hvilken tid kan jeg komme?
Can you trim my beard, please? Kan du trimme skjegget mitt, vær så snill?
I'd like a shave as well Jeg vil også gjerne bli barbert
Do you offer facial treatments? Tilbyr dere ansiktsbehandlinger?
How much is a beard trim? Hvor mye koster en skjeggtrim?
I'd like a traditional barber cut Jeg vil ha en tradisjonell herreklipp
Can I get a clean shave? Kan jeg få en glatt barbering?
What's the shortest setting for the haircut? Hva er den korteste innstillingen for klippen?
Could you style my hair, please? Kan du style håret mitt, vær så snill?
I want a short back and sides Jeg vil ha kort i nakken og på sidene
How much does a shave cost? Hvor mye koster en barbering?
Can you give me a fade? Kan du lage en "fade" på meg?
What's the typical wait time on weekends? Hva er den typiske ventetiden i helgene?
Do you have any specials or discounts? Har dere noen spesialtilbud eller rabatter?
Could you show me some haircut options? Kan du vise meg noen hårklipp-alternativer?
Can you recommend a hairstyle that suits me?Kan du anbefale en frisyre som passer meg?
How long does a haircut usually take? Hvor lang tid tar en hårklipp vanligvis?
Do you also do kids' haircuts? Klipper dere også barn?
Can I schedule a regular appointment? Kan jeg avtale en fast time?
What are your opening hours? Hva er åpningstidene deres?

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