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The House lesson

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Learn danish : the House lesson

List of sentences about House

List of sentences about the Learn House 

, there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence..

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  learn danish House in sentences

 House in danish 
English Danish
I live in a house Jeg bor i et hus
The house has two floors Huset har to etager
There is a garden in front of the house Der er en have foran huset
The house has a red roof Huset har et rødt tag
The walls of the house are painted white Husets vægge er malet hvide
The house has a cozy living room Huset har en hyggelig stue
The kitchen is spacious and well-equipped Køkkenet er rummeligt og veludstyret
There are three bedrooms in the house Der er tre soveværelser i huset
The bathroom has a bathtub and a shower Badeværelset har et badekar og en bruser
The house has a beautiful backyard Huset har en smuk baghave
The windows of the house are large and let in a lot of light Husets vinduer er store og lukker meget lys ind
The house has a garage for parking the car Huset har en garage til at parkere bilen
The dining room is next to the kitchen Spisestuen er ved siden af køkkenet
There is a fireplace in the living room Der er en pejs i stuen
The house has a balcony overlooking the garden Huset har en altan med udsigt over haven
The house has a basement for storage Huset har en kælder til opbevaring
The staircase leads to the second floor Trappen fører op til anden sal
The house has a front porch with a swing Huset har en forhave med en gynge
The bedrooms have closets for storage Soveværelserne har skabe til opbevaring
The house has central heating for warmth Huset har centralvarme til at holde varmen
The roof of the house is made of tiles Huset har et tag af teglsten
There is a study room in the house Der er et studierum i huset
The house has a backyard patio for outdoor relaxation Huset har en terrasse i baghaven til udendørs afslapning
The house has a laundry room with a washing machine Huset har et vaskerum med en vaskemaskine
The house is located in a quiet neighborhood Huset ligger i et roligt kvarter

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