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The beach lesson

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Learn danish : the beach lesson

List of sentences about beach

List of sentences about the Learn beach

, there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence..

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  learn danish beach in sentences

 Beach in danish 
English Danish
I love going to the beach Jeg elsker at tage til stranden
The sand is soft and warm Sanden er blød og varm
The waves are crashing against the shore Bølgerne slår mod kysten
I enjoy swimming in the ocean Jeg nyder at svømme i havet
The sun is shining brightly Solen skinner klart
I like building sandcastles Jeg kan godt lide at bygge sandslotte
The beach is crowded with people Stranden er fyldt med mennesker
I'm going to take a long walk along the shoreline Jeg vil gå en lang tur langs kystlinjen
It's a perfect day for sunbathing Det er en perfekt dag til at solbade
The seagulls are flying overhead Mågerne flyver over hovedet
The water is refreshing and clear Vandet er forfriskende og klart
I brought my beach towel and sunscreen Jeg har medbragt mit strandhåndklæde og solcreme
There are shells scattered on the sand Der er skaller spredt på sandet
I'm going to build a sandcastle with my kids Jeg skal bygge sandslotte med mine børn
The beach has beautiful palm trees Stranden har smukke palmetræer
I'm going to play beach volleyball Jeg skal spille strandvolleyball
The water is a bit cold, but I'm still going for a swim Vandet er lidt koldt, men jeg skal stadig en tur i vandet
I love listening to the sound of the waves Jeg elsker at lytte til lyden af bølgerne
I found a seashell in the sand Jeg fandt en søstjerne i sandet
The beach is a great place to relax and unwind Stranden er et fantastisk sted at slappe af og koble af
The beach offers a beautiful view of the sunset Stranden byder på en smuk udsigt over solnedgangen
I'm going to rent a beach umbrella and chair Jeg vil leje en strandparasol og en stol
The beach is perfect for surfing Stranden er perfekt til at surfe
I'm going to collect seashells as souvenirs Jeg vil samle søstjerner som souvenirs
The beach is a popular tourist destination Stranden er et populært turistmål
I'm going to organize a sandcastle contest with my friends Jeg vil arrangere en sandslottekonkurrence med mine venner

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