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The taxi lesson

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Learn norwegian : the taxi lesson

List of sentences about taxi

List of sentences about the Learn taxi 

 there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence..

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  learn norwegian taxi in sentences

 Taxi in norwegian 
English Norwegian
Taxi Taxi
Taxi stand Taxiholdeplass
Taxi driver Taxisjåfør
Passenger Passasjer
Destination Destinasjon
Address Adresse
Airport Flyplass
Train station Togstasjon
Bus station Busstasjon
Can you take me to,,,? Kan du kjøre meg til,,,?
How much does it cost to go to,,,? Hvor mye koster det å dra til,,,?
Please, take me to the city center Vær så snill, kjør meg til sentrum
Could you wait for me? Kan du vente på meg?
Turn left Sving til venstre
Turn right Sving til høyre
Stop here, please Stopp her, vær så snill
I don't have exact change Jeg har ikke nøyaktig beløp
Can I pay by credit card? Kan jeg betale med kredittkort?
Can you give me a receipt, please? Kan du gi meg en kvittering, vær så snill?
Is the fare included in the price? Er prisen inkludert i prisen?
Can you recommend any good restaurants in the area? Kan du anbefale noen gode restauranter i området?
What time is the last taxi? Hva tid går siste taxi?
Is there an extra charge for luggage? Er det ekstra kostnad for bagasje?
Thank you for the ride Takk for turen
Have a good day! Ha en god dag!
Safe travels! God tur!

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