What is The Metaverse?

Metaverse have you heard of it if no then on this article we will explain what is metaverse? and how you can start investing on it now? the future of metaverse ?how to join and invest?.

 Imagine a day when you and your grandchildren can put on headsets that look like visors and walk together through a digital version such as Times Square or your local shopping mall even though you are thousands of miles apart you'll be able to watch movies with them or go to concerts with them in virtual reality after the concert you'll be able to hang out with the artists and other fans in a backstage Salon even if you're on opposite sides of the world from your family you'll be able to do this together in real time, that's the future of the metaverse want to know more about metaverse read the full explained article. 

  For many of us over 30 the first time we heard the word "Meta" was when Facebook said they were changing its name to meta many people thought it was to get away from the bad press it was getting at the time that might be true in timing but the name change says much more about where the world is going or where they are paying attention if you've watched any financial news show in the last year you might have heard someone talk about the metaverse.

what is the metaverse?

  first this is not a brand new idea Neil Stevenson used the word metaverse for the first time in his book snow crash which came out in 1992. in his book Ready Player One Ernest Klein used it in 2011 as technology began to catch up but in the last three years companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon have spent billions of dollars making this metaverse ,A metaverse is a group of 3D virtual worlds about socializing you should wear a pair of goggles with earpieces attached to them you're all set if you connect your phone or computer to them the usages are endless let me give you a couple of examples what would I do if I had to choose between two cruise ships both are going to different places when I put on this headset I could walk around the ship's decks see the activities on each floor and see my room then I could go outside look at the different ports and get off the ship to see what to do I can even sit and watch the Sun go down It's not the same as the real thing because the smell and wind wouldn't be there but imagine if you could choose between two cruises by being on board both of them would that help you make a choice there are a lot of options there are plans for banking travel parties meetings and other things in the metaverse you could grab a drink with friends and watch a football game you'll be able to go to the store online and try on an outfit while looking in a mirror what if you didn't have to use the chat feature on a website anymore? what if someone you could see was ready to help you?, there are a lot of chances to take.

 how to invest in metaverse?

 You can put money directly into the metaverse in three ways purchase metaverse tokens:
 buy in-game non-fungible tokens nfts ,purchase virtual land in the metaverse also sold as nfts let's dive into how you can invest in the metaverse with two easy steps :
-Step 1 :create a crypto wallet common for all every purchase whether it's a physical good or a service needs money to invest in the metaverse you must make a crypto wallet and put money in it for the purchase of metaverse tokens was RX coin dcx and coin switch kuber are the most popular options in India for nft purchases metamask is the most popular cryptocurrency wallet in the world you could also use coinbase or binance most nfts are based on ethereum so the best way to get ether ETH is to use your regular currency verify your identity by going through the know your customer kyc steps to validate your wallet.        
  -Step 2: open an account on the platform of your choice purchase metaverse tokens the easiest way to get them is to go to crypto exchange like wazurex or coin dex and buy them directly with your currency filled wallet the "Mana" which is the currency of the decentraland metaverse is the "sand" which is the currency of the sandbox and the "AXS" currency of the axi infinity metaverse are some of the most sought ,After tokens by in-game nfts own virtual land you must sign up for an account with the game you want to buy things from and link your crypto wallet to that account for example you can go to decentraland to purchase virtual real estate, axi Infinity to create characters and plots of land sandbox to buy and sell art and so on if you want to access all the nfts in one shared Marketplace you can sign up for an account with opensea.
-step 3: select the nft you wish to purchase and make the payment if you look at any of the platforms listed above you will see that nfts do not have a set price to own the nft one must bid for it and beat all other bidders the nft is paid for quickly through the wallet you made in Step 1 and filled with cryptocurrency it would be best to remember that buying from a primary and secondary Marketplace both have pros and cons an nft  on the primary Market will always be worth more when selling it but it's harder to determine its real value in the primary Market because on the secondary Market where all nfts are shown on the same platform you can compare the price of one nft to that of others so what do you think would you invest in the metaverse?.

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