What is Aptos Blockchain?

The layer 1 blockchain Aptos just launched on binance and major exchanges this week ,could Aptos be the next Solana? or is there something fishy going on with adapters? , did you know that a new and highly anticipated layer 1 blockchain recently launched both its mainnet and token this token was listed on major exchanges like binance ,coinbase ,bybit, kucoin and so on.

 What is Aptos?

 This is a layer 1 blockchain that is here to solve all scalability problems Aptos promises to be the fastest blockchain processing up to 160 000 transactions per second sounds pretty amazing so is it the new Solana Destroyer there's a lot of speculation but one thing is for sure this new blockchain has industry-leading Engineers that have been working on it for four years straight what they have built is a network that can consistently upgrade ensuring longevity and sustainable ability of the Aptos blockchain and the applications developed on it.
  Let us try to create the most essential layer 1 blockchain for everything web3 the blockchain is extremely fast and scalable allowing smart contracts to run smoothly Aptos has a fund that will fund developers and builders on the Aptos blockchain but we believe the Speed and Performance of Aptos will also attract new developers and builders in itself one major amazing invention on Aptos is the use of an entirely new programming language called "move" according to Aptos it's way safer and more flexible to work with when compared to other options , there are only two projects using this programming language and that's Aptos and Siri Network Siri Network are direct competitors to Aptos, 
  Next amazing feature of Aptos is the consensus protocol itself they have built a high Assurance Byzantine fault tolerance consensus protocols , it's basically how it handles issues and stuff in the blockchain while it's doing things basically while it's multitasking they have also implemented the fourth iteration of the protocol called hot stuff  wich is actually the protocol that Facebook was going to use folder official blockchain dm3 the new and improved protocol has been going through heavy testing on a private mainnet with diverse operators and zero downtime. 
   Now there is a very interesting thing about this protocol with the latest improvements blocks are committed in as few as two network round trips making sub second finality the common case essentially what this means is that transactions are processed and confirmed pretty much instantly on the aptos network the blockchain team is not just a bunch of nobodies the guys behind it are genuine people who have been working in the industry for many years and have made a name for themselves on top of having an All-Star team these guys have serious backing by big players Venture capitalists like FTX, multi-coin capital  ,Parify, paxus and PayPal and many many more and they raised over 200 million dollars from their private sales. 

Tokenomics of Aptos

 Moving on to the tokenomics of Aptos the Aptos Foundation presented a summary version of the Aptos protocol tokenomics before it's launch but a more 
comprehensive explanation of Aptos tokenomics will be coming soon I believe aptos has around a billion coins in total but we don't know exactly how many of these coins are in the hands of the Venture capitalists at the moment we're also not sure how many tokens are actually in the circulating Supply itself , Aptos community members complained that after should be more transparent about their tokenomics which is critical to the coin's performance this coin is said to have a valuation of 60 billion dollars and that is how it was priced when listed on exchanges this morning due to this initial High valuation a huge dump followed as soon as trading was enabled leaving retail investors who bought into the hype at listing totally wrecked I believe those early investors the VCS are the only ones holding majority of the tokens in circulation right now hence the dump in the beginning about 20 million of Aptos circulating Supply was also allocated as airdrops to early Network participants now I'm a bit curious about the way they are Distributing their tokens over email instead of automatic through the blockchain but anyhow that's how they're gonna do it I think Apple's network will provide new features and development in the crypto space but i think buying into tokens like this could be dangerous price could continue to dump at the moment we're not certain what will happen to the price next or how big the selling pressure is going to be so that sums up Aptos and its launch the soon to be safest and most scalable layer 1 blockchain.

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