Learn dutch Vocabulary people lesson


Learn dutch online people lesson 

Vocabulary List about People

Below is a list of 24 words related to people such as family members, siblings ... etc. At the end of the list, there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence.

People in Dutch

People Dutch
Aunt tante
Baby Babu
Boy jongen
Brother broer
Child (female) Meisje
Child (male) Jongen
Cousin (female) Nicht
Cousin (male) Neef
Daughter dochter
Father vader
Girl meisje
Grandfather grootvader / opa
Grandmother grootmoeder / oma
Husband man
Man man
Mother moeder
Nephew neefje
Niece nichtje
People mensen
Sister zus
Son zoon
Uncle oom
Wife vrouw
Woman vrouw

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