Learn danish Symbols and abbreviations



Further dialogues and texts, employing the same vocabulary.

If you want to progress quickly, work a little every day. Read the dialogues several times and learn the vocabulary before you move on to the exercises. Many Danish words resemble English words and can be learned easily. The grammar is not difficult. It is only the pronunciation which may cause problems at first. The sounds are described on pages 5-9, and if you have the recording try to imitate the Danes recorded on it.

Teach Yourself Danish tells the story of George Wilson, a businessman, who travels to Denmark to establish a market there for his products. He has been invited to stay with his friends, Hans and Lone Petersen, who live in Copenhagen. After a few days his wife, Alison, will fly to Copenhagen to join him. They will spend about a month in Denmark.

Symbols and abbreviations

pl.  = plural

ad = adjective

Sing = singular

pron. = pronounced

Lit. = literally

pres. tense= present tense

inf. = infinitive

trans = transitive


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