Free lessons in the Italian language! Learn Italian Do It Yourself: Conversation Lesson, Vocabulary with audio


Is it easy to learn Italian?

   The Italian language is relatively easy to learn, but it takes time and effort. Since the Italian language is closely related to the English language, which indicates that the Italian language belongs to the easiest group of languages ​​to learn for English speakers, so what are you waiting for start now.

Why learn the Italian language?

  Italy has a long history of art, science and culture, Italian is one of the most popular Romance languages ​​to learn and traces its roots back to Latin, a language with more history. When you learn Italian, it opens up to you all the history, literature, poetry and art that Italy has brought to the world through generations, and gives you the power to make new friends and business contacts. Modern Italian and Italian accents can be the perfect way to practice mental sharpness and aid in health and well-being. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Italy was home to some of the world's greatest minds. Venetian art was the pinnacle of experience. Tuscan agriculture was already completely underway. Dante was writing classics, and standard Italian was the language of learners. Explore Sicily, the Vatican City, Florence, and many other famous Italian sites. Prepare for a foreign language to spark your curiosity. 

 Conversation Lesson, Vocabulary with audio

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