The best apps to learn the Finnish language


 1. Memrise - the perfect app for learning foreign words. You can create your own list or use the one that is already done for you.

2. WordDive - Finnish is available for you everywhere.

3. Quizlet/AnkiApp - apps in which you can create your own flashcards for learning words. You can also rec the audio. It is one of the most effective ways to learn the new vocabulary.

4. Storytel - learn Finnish by listening to the audiobooks! Yes, the app is not free, however, there is the trial version for 1 week.

5. LyricsTraining - as music stimulates learning, you can study Finnish by listening to songs and learn new words.

6. HelloTalk - chat with natice speakers and learn the language.

7. Finnish by Nemo - listen to audios and perfect your pronunciation.

What kind of mobile apps do you use to learn Finnish? Can you recommend something new and upgrade our list?

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