Learn with the voice the basics of Sweden : Conversation


   Learning Swedish is not that hard. Do you want to impress with some Swedish language skills at a restaurant or bar during your next trip to Sweden? Or would you like to polish your Business Swedish? Or maybe you just want to learn a few extra words to understand Swedish song texts or websites and be able to read books?

Here are my top tips on how to easily learn and improve your Swedish – whether you are still a beginner or just want to improve your existing language skills.

Basic Swedish Phrases, Words & Common Sentences – for Your Trip to Sweden

Top Tips: How to Learn the Swedish Language

1. Listen to Swedish Music

Here is a list of bands and artists who sing in Swedish. Listening to Swedish music makes it easier for you to get the Swedish language melody and pronunciation right. At the same time you learn lyrics of songs, so next time a song is played on the Swedish radio you can sing along and impress your Swedish friends.

Kent (Sweden’s most famous rock band,

Gyllene Tider (the band of Roxette‘s Per Gessle),

Veronica Maggio (Pop) 

Timbuktu (Hip-Hop)

Here you can find the Spotify list „Pop på svenska“, Pop in Swedish

2. Listen to Swedish Radio and Podcasts

Listen to daily conversations in Swedish slang and get to know more than just the dry text book Swedish. Popular Swedish podcasts here.

Learn with the voice the basics of Sweden : Conversation

Lesson from here : Conversation

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